Battery Park Baptist Church
About Us!
"God Reigns" and "Jesus Saves"
Battery Park Baptist Church is an old fellowship.  The
church was started as a mission of Smithfield Baptist
Church in 1899.  We, as a church have had many ups
and downs just like every other church.  We’re happy
to learn from them and thank God for seeing us
through them.  Through it all, we have remained
faithful to God’s call to the community of Battery Park
and beyond.
We are a small family church.  An average Sunday morning worship may find anywhere between
25 to 40 worshippers.  We do not strive to be a mega-church.  We strive to serve God.  We still sing
hymns and we sing them out of a hymnal unless you are Baptist enough to know them by heart.  
We have nothing against projectors.  We just don’t use one.  We still read from the Bible.  We have
extras in the pews if you forget yours.  We still pray.  We have seen the mighty hand of God move
in ways that cannot be explained in other ways.  We pray because we believe in a God that hears
and works.  And we still love the one true God.  We love Him because He first loved us and gave
Himself for us.  We still have Sunday school.  Many churches think that Sunday school is a “dead
dinosaur, we don’t.
Each Sunday morning God's people gather in the church Sanctuary to worship
Him for what He has done, to magnify His name in spirit and truth, to rejoice,
to praise the One who died for us.  We would love to have you join us.  We'll
welcome you in to our family as one of us - with love and grace just as He
welcomed us.
If we had to sum it all up in one sentence, this is how we would describe
Battery Park Baptist Church

"A faithful family of believers joining to worship and serve a gracious and merciful

What a great place to be!

OK that’s technically 2 sentences but who’s counting.

Thanks for reading!
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